We live in a time where cell phones and emails have proven to be the most proficient method of communicating. I mean, take a look at the numbers below, and you’ll see how a single generation prefers to communicate.


If you’re still reading, then I do want to share one thing with you if you’re in the market to buy a home.  As a realtor, I’ve learned (the hard way), that communicating simply through emails and texts is not going to get the job done.  And this doesn’t just pertain to millennials, FYI! It pertains to everyone wanting to buy a home.

I could go into a tizzy explaining the importance of meeting IN PERSON with your realtor, but I won’t, simply because it should be obvious. And that is, we want to understand you to the fullest so that we are not wasting your time…or ours! Talking in person allows for us, as agents, to get to know you on a more personal level, and even more so, making you feel comfortable and safe in a pretty overwhelming decision-making process.

To put it simply, a text or email only goes so far, and I can’t emphasize enough how much more of a difference it makes to take the time for a little human interaction. Face to face, I can tell what’s important to my clients, what is concerning them in the process, what challenges or concerns they are facing, etc. It is my job to bring YOU what YOU want, so if that’s your end goal, would it hurt you to take the meeting your agent wants to set up? We’re here to make your desires more achievable, so the next time you just want your agent to simply send you listings, do yourself a favor and understand that we’re here to help guide you in one of the BIGGEST purchases you’ll ever make in your life.

Is texting going to be the greatest option in making the BIGGEST purchase in your life? I certainly wouldn’t say so! So the next time your realtor wants to make an appointment to see you, step up and do it…for your sake!

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