North Hollywood. Noho. It’s north of Hollywood. And it’s the neighborhood I’m happy to call my home. Yes, it’s in the Valley (which can be torture in the summertime), but it’s the awesome, gentrifying part of the Valley that is constantly revamping its look and vibe. So here are a few things I love about my neck of the woods:

  • Jack’s Classic Hamburgers – It’s the unassuming burger hut on the corner of Camarillo and Tujunga, and it actually gives In n Out a run for their money. Their burgers are made-to-order and their friends are amazing, so instead of driving a little more up north to wait in the drive-thru at In n Out, give this tiny spot a shot because you seriously won’t regret it!
  • The Chandler bike path – If you’re a runner like me, you try to avoid as many crosswalks as possible. Otherwise, you end up jogging in place (which is not necessary, FYI!). So off of Vineland, the Chandler bike path begins, and it goes for about 4 1/2 miles in one direction all the way to Burbank. You’ll pass other runners and people walking their dog, and overall, it’s just a more peaceful option if you don’t want to start and stop as often.
  • Coffee coffee coffee – Yes there are three Starbucks within 5 minutes of each other, but the local coffee shops are where the cool people are! A staple of the neighborhood is Republic of Pie (they serve pie too), and then there’s a quieter, more quaint option, Joe’s Coffee just a little north of Magnolia. Their coffee menu is off-the-charts amazing, not to mention their adult versions of the Pop Tart and Hostess pastries. Their red velvet brownie is probably heaven in a paper bag, so if they don’t run out, grab one for the go.
  • Tamashii – If you’re a ramen lover, go here. It’s that easy. They’ve got a couple locations throughout the Valley, and we’re just fortunate enough to have one within walking distance so we can burn it off just a little!
  • North Hollywood Park – Whether you have a dog or run or enjoy a stroll, this park is a go-to for locals. Last year, they got rid of all the rotting trees, but there are still a ton of trees to provide shade for all those just wanting to chill out in the park. It’s a great meeting place for working out, birthday parties with blow-up castles, etc.
  • Public Transportation – the North Hollywood subway station is so convenient to get to Universal Studios, Hollywood, Downtown, and further. If you’re anything like me, you detest the traffic on the 101, and if you wanted to go Downtown for a few hours, it saves you time and gas…and perhaps your peace of mind at that!
  • First-time buyer heaven – Last but not least, Noho is a common place for newlyweds and young adults to buy their first piece of equity. The condominiums in the area are priced very reasonably per square foot, so it’s an obvious choice for first-time buyers to migrate to the neighborhood. Plus, the walking score in the Arts District is especially appealing to those who like to travel on foot to all their locations.

I could go on about Noho, but you should just come on over and explore this ever-changing neighborhood for yourself and see why more and more people are growing to love it here!

For current listings in the Noho area, visit my KW link here!