Before I lived in LA, I was in New York City…that meant no car, no filling up the gas, no car insurance…you get the point, right? So when I was looking into neighborhoods to live in, I wanted a place that was essentially “car-friendly”. And you’re probably saying to yourself “well no part of LA is car-friendly because there’s traffic everywhere”. Well you’re right. Traffic is inevitable here, so let’s just look past that for just a second!

When I moved here, my first neighborhood I lived in was Studio City. And I loved it. I still do. And here’s why:

  1. The restaurants – Ventura Blvd has a plethora of sushi choices, my fave being Kiwami and Izakaya by Katsuya. There’s classic spots like Firefly. Hole-in-the-walls like Daichan for an amazing sashimi bowl. Jumpin’ Java for some brunch action. Head to Salt & Straw for ice cream. You get the idea…the food is limitless.
  2. Tujunga Village – one of my favorite blocks to walk just north of the Boulevard. Popular hangout spot Aroma Cafe is always busy. Plus there are so many cute shops on the block to find unique items like leather handbags and jewelry.
  3. Parking – the parking is super friendly compared to its counterpart known as Hollywood
  4. The community – the people make this neighborhood awesome. If you don’t know someone, eventually you do after seeing them in passing. Not to mention everyone has a dog (who doesn’t in LA?), and that only makes the community happier!
  5. Family-oriented – it’s the perfect neighborhood to settle in and raise children. There are great schools nearby and in neighboring areas, as well as several parks that are well-maintained and inviting to everyone.
  6. Outdoor exercise – running in this neighborhood is safe, first and foremost. As a woman, I can venture anywhere without feeling threatened. Plus, the slight hills make for a nice challenge that will sneak up on you from time to time

Hopefully this gives you some insight into a great neighborhood I’m happy to be in expert in. Be sure to check MY KW WEBSITE HERE for listings in this great area!