As an artist, I always find myself trying to fill a void. So why real estate, you ask? Well, if I was going to consume my time with something other than entertaining, it was going to be something I love. And I LOOOOOOOVE everything about houses! I love going to open houses, I love watching the HGTV channel, I love the idea of fixing something old and transforming it into something new again. I just love the whole industry. Period.

Let me start out by saying becoming a realtor is not the easiest accomplishment. I took 3 months of classes to qualify to take my real estate license exam. And then I excitedly booked a show in Toronto, which put a little halt on my exam-taking. And then I came back to LA and prepped all over again for my exam. I took that exam thinking I’d fail the first time because it was rumored to be the hardest exam ever. And it was. But I passed. Woot woot!!! That was a pure shocker. And then I said to myself, “well now that I passed I should join a brokerage”. And then life happened again and I was flying to Canada for a few months to work on a show.

So here we are. Back in LA. Meeting with a broker. And tada!!! I’m a licensed realtor! I’m super excited…I’m also super nervous. I got my license because I want to build a team of developers, builders, investors, and contractors to flip houses. You could say it’s my big super life goal. And I think it’s pretty cool to combine my artistry to this business and see where it takes me. Soooo, I hope you enjoy my blog. It’ll be everything real estate-related, how-to’s, DIYs, etc….much love to all my readers…and here…we…go!